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Miss Alabama International™
Alyssa Hatter
Miss Alaska International™
Suzie Doll
Miss Arizona International™
Maacah Scott

Miss Arkansas International™
Lauren Waldon
Miss Australia International™
Jessica Martini
Miss California International™
Jamie Swetalla - 4th Runner-Up

Miss Delaware International™
Kathryn Wohlman
Miss District of Columbia International™
Shannon O'Brien
Miss Florida International™
Rachel Barcellona - Top Ten

Miss Georgia International™
Amanda Moreno - Miss International 2016
Miss Haiti International™
Nupsie-flore Exantus
Miss Idaho International™
Katie Davis

Miss Illinois International™
Jessica Kumpula
Miss India International™
Madusree Krishnan
Miss Indiana International™
Alexa Sewell

Miss Kentucky International™
Andrea Kimberlin
Miss Louisiana International™
Christina Famularo - Top Ten - Photogenic Winner
Miss Maryland International™
Mia Simms

Miss Michigan International™
Hailey Urbach
Miss Minnesota International™
Sabrina Astar
Miss Missouri International™
Season Winesburg

Miss Nevada International™
Courtney Barber - Top Ten
Miss New Jersey International™
Riana Sarna
Miss New Mexico International™
Nicole Gallegos

Miss New York International™
Lia DiNunzio
Miss North Carolina International™
Jacqueline Matter - Top Ten
Miss North Dakota International™
Taylor Woodruff

Miss Northeast International™
Molly Carson
Miss Ohio International™
Alissa Brumbaugh - Top Ten
Miss Oklahoma International™
Mary Frances Flanders

Miss Oregon International™
Amy Mireles
Miss Pennsylvania International™
Sherri Homanko
Miss South Carolina International™
Bonnie Walls

Miss South Dakota International™
Alecia Martinez
Miss Southeast International™
Ciara Hibdon - 1st Runner-Up
Miss Tennessee International™
Jurnee Carr - 3rd Runner-Up

Miss Texas International™
Taylor Ashworth
Miss Utah International™
Samantha Stephens - 2nd Runner-Up
Miss Vermont International™
Maddi Shaw

Miss Virginia International™
Mackenzie Adamson
Miss Washington International™
Courtney Prather
Miss West Indies International™
Esther Landé - People's Choice Winner
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