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Former Miss International - Samantha Riddle

Samantha captured the title of Miss International 2014 at the annual Miss International pageant at the Times Union Center in Jacksonville Florida. During her year of service Samantha Will promote “Hold On To Hope- Because No Child Should Grieve Alone.” Samantha is 25 years old and resides in Los Angeles California. She currently works for PicPinch- a division of Total App Source as their Social Media Marketer and Community Relations Manager. She hopes to one day become a celebrated author and publish a fictional book series loosely based off her positive experiences in pageantry.


When Samantha was a small child, she lost her father in a tragic plane crash. She created “Hold On To Hope” as a way to help children who have also lost a parent. She is also a counselor at Camp Erin, which is the world’s largest FREE bereavement camp children who have lost someone close to them. As Miss International Samantha will champion “Our House” and “The Moyer Foundation” along with her personal platform.


The new queen has traveled the world working with children who have lost a parent. Her travels include helping children in Poland, Africa, Mexico, Romania and of course, the United States. “Grief stricken children can live anywhere in the world, be of any race, religion, or creed, but they all speak the same language of love and heartbreak. Every single child deserves the ability to feel hopeful and supported. It is my duty to let them know that they are not alone.”- Samantha Riddle


Samantha is also an 8 year advocate for the American Heart Association. She is currently a passion Committee member for the Dallas, Texas area where the Corporate Offices are located. She has volunteered at events raising millions of dollars for the American Heart Association such as; Heart walks, Go Red Luncheons, Cotes De Coeur and many more. She has even traveled to Dubai to help set the Guinness World Record for most blood glucose level screenings!


Samantha hopes to use this year to bring light into the lives of children who are surrounded by darkness. “Many children suffer in silence and never express their feelings or pain because they feel they need to be strong for the rest of their family. I am an outlet for them to finally be able to let go. Almost all of them don’t have friends who understand how they feel, I connect these children with other kids from around the world who have been through the same thing and can be their support system. For many kids, this is the first time in their lives that they have met another child who has lost a parent the same way. They are finally not alone.”- Samantha Riddle