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Miss Massachusetts International®

Brittany Burgess

People's Choice Award

Hello, as the current reign holder of Miss Massachusetts I am proud to say that the platform I have been representing is St. Jude hospitable and research clinic. I feel very passionate about this cause and cannot wait to continue sharing the hospitals miracle stories with others. So far this year, aside from volunteering at many St. Judes charity events, I have donated my time to Toys for tots, a Christmas fundraiser for children and also the Sun Santa Foundation which also involves helping needy children during the holidays. Also I have helped out a lot at my local MSPCA and also in a few other small town non profit organizations such as the circle of friends who helps local families in times of need. As a first time pageant contestant I definitely want to make each second of this experience worth while and embrace all of the opportunity that comes with it. My mother, Andrea and my father, David along with my sister Leighandra have been a great shoulder to lean on and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart! Also my best friends have been there for me threw this entire experience with me showing nothing but support. Diana, Lindsay and Samantha thanks so much!!! I cannot wait for the excitement the following weeks will bring!!

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