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Miss Illinois International®

Caitlyn McCabe - 1st Runner-Up

People's Choice Award

Caitlyn McCabe - Miss Illinois International 2007, is a 21 year old who recently graduated from DePaul University in Chicago, receiving her B.A. in Communication with a concentration on Radio, Television, and Film. In the past year she has been employed with Fox News as a Production Assistant and Field Producer. She spends the rest of her “free” time modeling, freelance on-camera/voice-over work in the Chicago area and volunteering.


Caitlyn’s platform centers on Breast Cancer Awareness/Prevention, and she hopes to continue her work informing young women of the importance of taking steps NOW, to help prevent cancer later. Her focus during this year of service is to reach out to young women. The importance of early detection can’t be overlooked since women under 40 have a lower survival rate then their older counter-parts. Breast cancer in young women can go undetected for longer periods of time and is often more aggressive.  The need to educate young women, on the importance of self examination and early medical testing, especially for those with a family history, has never been more important.


Caitlyn’s desire to continue advocating for greater awareness comes from the heart. Breast cancer touched her life personally with the untimely deaths of two very close family friends. Caitlyn established the Caitlyn McCabe Awareness/Prevention Memorial Fund, sponsored by The Avon Foundation, seeking donations in their memory.(


If selected as Miss International®, Caitlyn plans on continuing her work with Y-ME as a Certified Volunteer, Avon Walks for Cancer volunteer, and as a Community Spokesperson on the subject of Breast Cancer Awareness/Prevention. She would love to travel the country speaking to groups of women offering her time and talents to assist other Breast Cancer groups and organizations in their fundraising efforts.

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