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Miss California International™ 2018

Ashleigh Pates - Top Ten


If you could teach a class in school, what would it be?
In my opinion, service is the act of providing a product or good deed to those in need. On the other hand, hospitality goes one step beyond service in that it is driven by a passion or desire to do something purely out of the kindness of your heart with no expectations.

Name one of your strengths and one of your weaknesses
All successful women have a strong drive, integrity, and accountability in common. Successful women are willing to look at all perspectives and utilize all the resources accessible to them for a good outcome. They stay true to their values and who they are because it helped them get to where they are today. Successful women empower each other to reach their goals and dreams and they show each other that anything is possible.

What qualities do you feel a titleholder should possess?
If it is against my morals or personal beliefs, I donít have an issue with saying no. At times Iíve said yes out of obligation because I want to help people. Iíve learned to remember that I canít make everyone happy and sometimes itís okay to say ďnoĒ. As I get older I find it easier to speak my opinion, stay true to what I believe in, and say no when itís necessary.

What makeup item could you not live without and why?
If I had one more hour available in every day I would devote that hour to me and meditate and go for a walk and reflect and do personal work and personal growth. I would spend time in nature or doing self-care in some way to help revitalize me to get ready for the next day and give 100% of myself to the world without any regrets or resentments.

Do you feel that beauty pageants help or hurt how society views women?
I dream of traveling internationally to learn holistic and alternative ways of healing with disease and cancer prevention as my main focus. Partnering with The Truth About Cancer to pair my findings with their research and take my platform worldwide is a life goal. My plan would be to obtain as much information on these practices to bring them back to the United States and share with others because knowledge is power.

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