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Miss Maine International™ 2018

Brianna Bodman


What is the difference between service and hospitality?
Hospitality is showing someone a good time. For example being at an engagement and being a good hostess. Being kind, joking, helpful Service to me would be volunteering, For example, serving as a worker at the event.

What do you think successful women have in common?
We are all strong powerful fearless women who share the same air we breathe. I believe we are all equal. We as women have the strength to get up out of bed every day no matter what life throws our way. We all have our own stories that make us the successful women we are today!

Do you find it easy to say ''no''?
When it comes to helping others I try my best to help them. That being said if someone were to ask me to go jump of a bridge, well then I would have to say no! In the line of work I do as a Fire/Ems person I find it hard for me to say no to covering shifts only because I love being able to help others! Knowing I have a humanís life in my hands is amazing!

If you had one more hour in every day, what would you do with it?
Having one more hour in the day would just allow me more time to make a difference in the world. My goal every day is to try and give back or pay it forward at least once or twice a day if not more. There is no greater feeling then being able to help save a life or make a difference. One more hour would give me the chance to continue what I do every day, letting people know they matter!

Tell us something you dream of doing. Why?
As a young child I always dreamed of becoming a Fire Fighter/ EMT, I wanted to be able to hold a personís life in my hands but most of all save lifeís. Running into a burning building, saving a person from burning alive is what I dreamed of doing. Doing CPR on a patient not knowing if you can save them or not but you give it everything you have until your arms start to give out but yet you donít stop. Thatís saving lifeís, thatís what I dream to continue to do.

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