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Miss Nevada International™ 2018

Claudia Inguanzo


If you could teach a class in school, what would it be?
Service is a very technical action in contrast to hospitality which focuses on the emotional connection that that action brought. To provide outstanding service to someone is to do exceedingly well in the physical action of helping someone or providing them something. Hospitality is the emotional connection you have with someone through the tone of your voice or body language that translates into friendliness and warmth. Itís what makes the encounter unique.

Name one of your strengths and one of your weaknesses
What all successful women have in common is their ambition. They persevere through the obstacles that keep them from accomplishing their goals and with patience and determination, they achieve. Iíve always been taught to never underestimate a woman with a dream. If the desire to attain her objective is strong enough, itíll make her strive to do the impossible regardless of the hindrances ahead. Itís because of their ambitious spirit that they have all succeeded.

What qualities do you feel a titleholder should possess?
If I have to use ďnoĒ itís because I either feel I am being taken advantage of or that agreeing to something would compromise my character. However, Iíve never opted to be an individual who gives a straight and harsh ďnoĒ. Throughout my daily routine and conversing with others, I like to assess all other alternatives to come to a compromise in a situation.

What makeup item could you not live without and why?
As a Nuclear Medicine student, my schedule is already hectic as is. But if I had an extra hour a day, Iíd use it to have a conversation with my parents. Regardless of where Iím at in my life, my parents have always offered valuable and insightful wisdom. Theyíre also great conversationalists and it helps to take a break from reality and just enjoy the present that I have with them.

Do you feel that beauty pageants help or hurt how society views women?
Iíve always dreamt to walk for the New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Week. Itís an aspiration Iíve had since Iíve gotten involved in the pageant world. Iíve always had a fascination with the fashion industry and the art they create through their pieces. I desire to share in their art by walking on stage and having the honor to be a part of something so exquisite and alluring.

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