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Miss North Carolina International™ 2018

Chloe Gray - Top Ten


If you could teach a class in school, what would it be?
Ive made a career out of service, and because of these service-related opportunities, Ive learned how to sincerely offer my hospitality. As civic leaders, we set ourselves on this path to serve and to lead our communities. We identify a need and facilitate a resolution; we offer our service. Though, to deliver an experience, and evoke a response is to practice hospitality.

Name one of your strengths and one of your weaknesses
Every single woman, myself included, has been told no at some point in their lives. I've been doubted more times than I can count; however, confidence stems from bravery and it takes a certain level of bravado for women to chase after their goals and ambitions. There is no energy quite like a group of driven women; another reason I can't wait for Miss International!

What qualities do you feel a titleholder should possess?
In the past, I've felt obligated to say "yes," fearing any missed opportunity. Though, I quickly saw the risk of always saying yes, and its impact on my performance and emotional well-being. I've learned how empowering and important it can be to simply say no." Im able to decide what is in my best interest as it will ultimately reflect on my productivity and dedication.

What makeup item could you not live without and why?
You would find me drafting new patterns in my sewing rooms, baking sweet treats in a messy kitchen or outside in my workshop, drill in hand building something with driftwood or scraps. I inherited my creative, problem-solving mind from my late father; a trait I am incredibly proud of. One extra hour in the day I would spend creating something out of nothing.

Do you feel that beauty pageants help or hurt how society views women?
I've been planning a trip to Japan and Vietnam for more than seven years. In every aspect of their lives, the culture is based on respect and honor. I grew up in a rural, low-income, farming community that instilled these values. Regardless to where you come from, we all deserve the same amount of respect; I try to maintain that perspective when volunteering in my community.

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