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Miss Michigan International™ 2018

Nicole Johnson


What is the difference between service and hospitality?
I have to answer to God for how I treat people, not how they treat me. Hospitality is what I do for myself. Service is what I do for others. When I provide someone a service, I am doing my job with the highest of ethics. When I am being hospitable, I am making sure I am responsible for my own actions and ensuring I am comfortable with the person I see in the mirror.

What do you think successful women have in common?
They network across the table. So many of us are looking for mentorship in those who are veterans in our field. However, some of the best advice and support Iíve received happened through casual conversation with friends, while sitting on my living room floor. Successful women ensure those connected to them feel valuable. We understand that our value doesnít diminish if those around us also succeeds.

Do you find it easy to say ''no''?
I spent a great deal of my life saying yes because I thought someone would be upset if I said no. I took a psychology course at Harvard called "Immunity to Change" that taught me to stop over-committing at home and in the work place. Just when I thought I mastered the technique, my sister had a baby. Now I have a niece who I say yes to literally anything she asks for.

If you had one more hour in every day, what would you do with it?
I would spend that hour reading for pleasure. As a graduate student, most of my reading consist of research and literature reviews. However, I do deeply miss the days where I could read of Harry Potter coming of age while learning wizardry and how Bella Swan fell in love with Edward Cullen in Twilight.

Tell us something you dream of doing. Why?
I've always dreamed of performing illusions at a circus. I'm obsessed with magic and its ability to make an entire audience feel young again. It is a time, where anything seems possible. It allows our brain to positively respond to what is happening around us and for a few moments in time we're all believers.

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