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Miss Washington International™ 2018

Karma Lee


What is the difference between service and hospitality?
Service is doing what is expected of me and hospitality is going above and beyond by showing love through my actions. An example would be my experience as a nursing assistant at 16. While it was my duty to service my patients at their final stages of life, it was important for me to show them my hospitality by listening to them and tucking them in with a goodnight hug.

What do you think successful women have in common?
Successful women in the world like Melinda Gates are passionate about empowering and inspiring other women in the world. Whether it is providing them with skill sets to lift themselves out of poverty or instilling self-confidence and self-worth through education. These are traits I believe successful women have in common. By uniting talented individuals across the globe, we can advance as one in a positive direction.

Do you find it easy to say ''no''?
It is difficult for me to say “no”, because I believe that every “ask” is an opportunity to learn and meet others who are making a positive difference in the community. Depending on the question, the answer “no” can be a beautiful escape or it can be a missed opportunity.

If you had one more hour in every day, what would you do with it?
With one more hour in my day I would create time to cook for the people I love. I could dedicate that time to share my passion for cooking with them. That extra hour would give all of us a time to relax and enjoy the simple and more important things in life, which are each other.

Tell us something you dream of doing. Why?
Ever since I became the recipient of the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship in 2009, I dreamt of having my own scholarship foundation so I can help other students like me to afford higher education and motivate them to continue the act of kindness. Bill Gates gave me an opportunity to thrive and it is important for me to continue this act of kindness to change other people’s lives like he did with mine.

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