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Miss Rhode Island International™ 2018

Kelsey Garcia


What is the difference between service and hospitality?
I believe the difference between service and hospitality is service is what you have to do to be polite, where hospitality is going above and beyond what someone or a customer would expect. For example, saying thank you, and smiling is good service, but making a personal connection would be hospitality.

What do you think successful women have in common?
I notice that all successful women are brave. To accomplish something big thereís almost always risk involved, and it takes some bravery to take a leap and do something big.

Do you find it easy to say ''no''?
I think it depends on the question, I always try to help people when possible, but if Iím being asked to do something that is against what I believe in then itís very easy to say ďno.Ē

If you had one more hour in every day, what would you do with it?
I would use an extra hour in every day to work towards accomplishing my goals, and growing my small business. Reaching out to companies and organizations to make connections and get my photography and videography work in front of the right people.

Tell us something you dream of doing. Why?
I dream of using my photography to travel around the country photographing and marketing products made in the United States.

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