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Miss Australia International™ 2018

Brielle Streater


If you could teach a class in school, what would it be?
Service is an act of kindness and assistance in helping another. An action that can impact significantly and positively, continually flowing onto others. Kindness and assistance are essential in service; qualities that matter, always making difference to another. Hospitality can be defined in the manner in-which one is treated, whether they are offered a graciousness and giving in treatment. Hospitality and service are entwined, working together, supporting each other, providing overall respect to help another.

Name one of your strengths and one of your weaknesses
Successful women have a drive to follow their dreams and goals, to not only think about them, but to achieve them. They have a vision and also mission which has commenced often as a child, youth, or through hardship, and becomes a positive force to achieve the desired goal. In my situation it was lengthy years of severe bullying, its impact redirected giving me strength to achieve not only in study, career but in philanthropy.

What qualities do you feel a titleholder should possess?
As a teen encountering seven years of significant bullying, I could not say no due to a lack of confidence and identity. Results of years of abuse from fellow teens. In moving forward, regaining my identity and confidence, I discovered saying ‘no’ is not a difficult word. A word we all need to say clearly and strongly, as ‘no’ will always affect us personally. Ultimately we are the ones protecting what we feel is right.

What makeup item could you not live without and why?
This is a question I have thought of for years; if I had an extra hour I would very much like to provide more to youth experiencing bullying. Bullying is a very lonely place and I always say, if I had someone who had come though bullying to be there, offer advice, say it will be okay, it would have made a huge difference. My hour therefore would be spent being ‘that’ voice to another.

Do you feel that beauty pageants help or hurt how society views women?
I have two dreams; one extending my photography/tour company, a simple personal career dream. But I have a dream that is a passion; to be more involved in reduction of bullying and bully-related suicide. Assisting Australian Enough is Enough Anti-Violence Association there are opportunities assisting people like I once was in youth; offering hope of coming through. Bullying hurts and kills, and by assisting others stand back up there will always be hope for change.

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