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Miss Colorado International™ 2019

Savannah Menken


What is the First thing you notice about a person?
I would teach Biology because itís the one subject I learned in college that was truly hands-on and open about who we are, how things work, and the way we relate to everything else around us. My teachers would always allow us to ask all the questions our hearts desired that led to meaningful discussion. To be in a position to teach is an opportunity I would love to have someday.

What goals do you have for the new 5 years?
One of my strengths is being comfortable in the uncomfortable. With all the challenges Iíve gone through as a cadet at the academy, Iíve found that now when I go into a new and demanding situation, I donít feel as nervous. One of my weaknesses is I find myself comparing myself to other women. One method I use to combat this weakness is by turning my negative self-thinking into thoughts of gratitude.

What is the first thing you would do if you win the lottery?
I feel a titleholder should possess confidence in who she is and what she values; she should be relatable, hard-working, and people-oriented; she is knowledgeable and invested in her platform; lastly, she is passionate to make a difference in her community, as well as ready to promote her cause on an international level. If a titleholder were to possess all of these things first, the rest of pageantry should come easy.

What is the most useless you have ever purchased?
Going through basic cadet training at USAFA, I had to learn quickly how to live without wearing mascara. Eyes to me are the most important feature to highlight and enhance because they are the first thing I notice in someone. So naturally, I believe it is the first thing someone would notice on me. While I find mascara is the one makeup product I feel most vulnerable without, it is also the best feeling to wash off.

What is the best way to spend a rainy afternoon?
Beauty pageants help society to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of women as an independent force to be reckoned with. How society views women is dependent on who you are asking. Iíd like to think that just as society has evolved into a more inclusive and equal opportunistic environment, beauty pageants have also evolved to showcase not only outward beauty, but the kind of beauty that shines outward from within, and does not go unnoticed.

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