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Miss Florida International™ 2019

Abby Arnold - Top 10


What is the First thing you notice about a person?
Being in my early twenties, I can first hand tell you how many peers I have come across that don’t know much about our country’s history. With my teaching career I plan to endeavor in teaching multiple classes throughout my career including American History studies. Without US History where would we be today? I am proud to be a young citizen of the U.S. and want to ensure upcoming generations know about their country’s history.

What goals do you have for the new 5 years?
Being from a small town has been such a positive impact for me in life; it truly has made me a social butterfly! One of my biggest strengths is that I am not only a great socializer but I am caring in every aspect. You will never catch me being shy and always catch me hugging or shaking hands! Unfortunately everyone always has a weakness. Sometimes for me being “too” caring can bite me in the back and I can say it has taken many years for me to realize that not all people want the best for others in life. We can’t foster to everyone, but I can still continue to be the social butterfly I am!

What is the first thing you would do if you win the lottery?
Being a titleholder is not an easy job to say the least! Not only do children look up to you but the society around your everyday life look to you as a role model. Any given titleholder should possess integrity, determination, and promote love, hope, and jollity! As a titleholder you should adore the skin you’re in and determine to be successful with your platform and reign.

What is the most useless you have ever purchased?
OH NO… this is a difficult one! This is absolutely narrowed down to mascara for me, for sure! No matter if you are touring the grocery store, going for a walk, or giving a presentation you can never go wrong with mascara. Like I always say… love the skin you are in, we are all beautiful in our own way!

What is the best way to spend a rainy afternoon?
Once upon a time…negative opinions flooded society on how pageants were degrading for women. Recently pageants have brought to light intelligent, inspiring, and determined women with ambition. Throughout the international system alone I’ve met over a hundred new people and made friendships with victims, survivors, and business leaders while working with my platform prevention of child human trafficking and with founding my organization “Empowerment of the Voice”. I can say for myself pageants have made me a stronger and self-empowered woman that I inspired to be and it’s just the beginning!

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