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Miss North Dakota International™ 2019

Ava Hill - Miss International 2019


What is the First thing you notice about a person?
Social media has made a huge impact on our everyday lives; however, it has both positive and negative qualities. Cyberbullying is a growing issue in society and as a suicide prevention/anti-bullying advocate, I work to educate the younger generation on how to quickly and properly report inappropriate behavior and how to handle a cyber bullying situation online.

What goals do you have for the new 5 years?
I am pessimistically optimistic. I always say, “expect the worst because you can only go up from there!” I don’t care that the glass is half empty, I’m just happy that there’s water in the glass. My passion for my platform, “The Peyton Heart Project: Hearts for Hope” is a strength that I believe stands out from the rest. As a suicide attempt survivor, I have purpose that drives me to make a difference.

What is the first thing you would do if you win the lottery?
Miss International should be a woman who makes her platform and goal to make a difference a main priority, beautiful (inside and out), unique, and powerful beyond measure.

What is the most useless you have ever purchased?
Lipstick! A look is never complete without it. As a professional multi-media makeup artist, I come across a lot of makeup products, but I will always choose lipstick as my go-to. I love to add a fun pop of color to freshen up my look and accent my smile.

What is the best way to spend a rainy afternoon?
I always say, “One crown can’t change the world, but one crown has changed my world forever.” The funny thing is, I don’t need crown to make a difference or share my story, but what that crown gave me was the courage and the confidence to make a difference. Pageants create a society of women who are strong communicators, dedicated advocates, and women who are on a mission to change the world.

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