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Sharniece Springs - Top 5

What does it mean to be a modern woman?
The first thing I notice is body language. Whether a person is giving a speech or simply walking into a room, how they carry themselves says everything about their confidence. The more confidence a person has, the more honest and reliable they are believed to be. For example, I could say “I am the perfect candidate for this job”, but the way I deliver that message is what matters the most.

When does a girl become a woman?
Before my grandmother lost her battle to cancer, she made holiday baskets and care packages for friends, family, and anyone she saw was in need. On the anniversary of her death in 2019, I created a foundation in her memory called Love, Bonnie. In the next 5 years, Love, Bonnie will serve internationally. I also plan to obtain my J.D. degree and be on track to passing the NC bar exam.

How do you handle disappointment?
I would thank God for blessing me with such a rare opportunity to be a major blessing to others! Having a lot of money means very little to me if I cannot share it. I would anonymously give a large portion of my money to close friends and family. I would also begin my fight against homelessness in low incomes areas of NC by investing in affordable housing. I would keep my job as well.

What's been a picture-perfect moment in your life?
I purchased this really cool ping pong table that has cute little designs all over it. I thought it would be so much fun to have for when my friends come over. Unfortunately, a week after the ping pong table was delivered, my state shutdown and I had to practice social distancing. Hopefully everything will clear up soon, so my friends and I can finally put this ping pong table to good use!

How do you handle stress and pressure?
I love rain. There’s just something about it that brings me peace. The closer I am, the better. You may just find me taking a walk through my neighborhood in the rain with a hoodie on. If I’m not taking a walk, I’m sitting in my car in my driveway listening to some neo soul music playing softly in the background while I write poetry.