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Alora Martin - 1st Runner-Up

What does it mean to be a modern woman?
Modern women are unapologetically authentic and pursue their passion regardless of societal expectations. They are multi-dimensional and not confined to a label or box. Modern women can do or be anything their heart desires. For me, it means I can participate in a pageant in a beautiful gown one weekend, and compete in a destruction derby in a fire suit and race helmet the next.

When does a girl become a woman?
Becoming a woman has nothing to do with age and everything to do with one’s emotional intelligence. When a girl begins to understand her emotions and how to express them, she is on her way to becoming a woman. There is no “right” timeline as we are all different, so this process may begin in the early teens for some and in the late 20’s for others, depending upon personal circumstances.

How do you handle disappointment?
I remind myself that everything happens for a reason and if something doesn’t go the way I hope, it means that there is something greater destined for me. It’s important to acknowledge your feelings and not ignore them, but it’s equally important to pick yourself back up and remember that you are unique, talented, and worthy.

What's been a picture-perfect moment in your life?
That moment happened on February 27th, 2021. Each year, I coordinate a “Fill the Boot for Burns” drive in conjunction with the Firefighters Burn Institute to fund life-altering burn recovery programs and improve burn treatment at regional burn centers. This year I set a high goal of raising $10,000 but was nervous about the practicality of that goal. I was ecstatic when the tally revealed we had raised $10,851.19.

How do you handle stress and pressure?
I train in aerial acrobatics and that is my favorite method of relieving stress. In a professional setting where that’s not possible, I set reasonable, personal expectations and list my priorities. From there, I accomplish whatever the highest priority is first, then work down the list which alleviates a great deal of stress. If I’m feeling pressure from another person, I communicate with them about the situation, and we work through it together.