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The Accomplishments
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Young Women ®

Miss Louisiana International®

Jaycelin Carter

People's Choice Award

What does it mean to be a modern woman?
The meaning of a modern woman, in my mind, is a woman who is confident, independent, and has the ability to love and nurture things in a way that only women are capable of.

When does a girl become a woman?
I believe that the title “woman” is earned. There can be various determinants on how to earn this title, however, one that I find to stand out the most to me is when a girl reaches a certain level of authenticity and independence.

How do you handle disappointment?
“It is through disappointment that I learn to never accept defeat—but, to always come up with a brand-new plan” Eleesha As someone who has set to achieve many goals, I have been knocked down more times than I can count, however I never give up and little by little, with hard work and determination, everything starts to fall into it’s place. The work put forth makes it all worth it in the long run.

What's been a picture-perfect moment in your life?
After placing 1st runner up two years in a row for a title that I had dreamed of winning since I was a child, I finally won during my last eligible year to compete. I put forth a lot of hard work, it paid off and holding that title for that year was all that I dreamed of and more!

How do you handle stress and pressure?
I find that when the pressure is on, the more motivated I am to make a difference. I enjoy a challenge and will work ten times harder to achieve my goal.