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The Accomplishments
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Miss Garden State International®

Jacqueline DiPasquale

What does it mean to be a modern woman?
The modern woman is independent, taking charge of her own life. She is confident in her beauty and her potential. She is courageous, putting her fears aside to reach her dreams. She is multi-faceted and capable of embracing her many challenging roles, even when she is the only woman in the room. As a girl drummer, I have used this to feed my strength. This is what makes a modern woman unapologetically her authentic self.

When does a girl become a woman?
Growing from a girl to a woman is a continuous journey. It is through our life experiences, relationships, and encounters that we consistently blossom. As women, our process of growth is endless, and never stagnant or based on one defining moment. I am more of a woman today than yesterday, and with each day, I am one step closer to my authentic self.

How do you handle disappointment?
As someone who faced disappointment for many years as a victim of bullying, my parents taught me to fold my hands, close my eyes, bow my head, and pray about it. It is because of my relationship with God that I am continuously reminded of the positive aspects of disappointment: growth within myself and my connection with God, my family, and my friends.

What's been a picture-perfect moment in your life?
The first time I met my little brother was a picture-perfect moment for me. As I held him in my arms, my dreams of finally becoming a big sister came true. Although we are seven and a half years apart, we are often mistaken as twins not only because of our appearances; but also, because of our very close relationship.

How do you handle stress and pressure?
Wearing many hats growing up, handling stress and pressure was a challenge for me. With the support of my family and my personal self-work, I learned to develop coping skills to persevere through those difficult moments. I quickly learned it is 'okay' to ask for help as you are able to overcome, balance, and succeed with a village. I attribute my current successes and future endeavors to my own dedication, self-growth and amazing support system.