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Arieona Brooks

1.Words I live by are:
In order to be a good friend, you must have unconditional regard for one another in terms of support and acceptance, a mutual interest to hold each other accountable right or wrong, and, notably, genuine intentions.

2.What are your pet peeves?
I can tell I am under stress when I begin to overthink, overreact, and second guess my initial instincts. Although I am still learning how to offer myself patience, I combat my stress with prayer and the healing of music.

3.How do you stay organized?
When faced with challenges, I pray. I understand that God has the answer to all my struggles and by opening my heart to Him, first, they will be solved. Furthermore, as an aspiring attorney, critical thinking has become second-nature. I assess the situation, identify what I can control/change, and receive advice from one of my closest relatives/friends. Insight from someone I trust may offer another perspective that I may not arrive at by myself.

4.How do you relax?
Dignity is someone’s conviction to their purpose/worth. It is the devotion you have to yourself and morals.

5.What is your dream job and why?
My grandmother, Carrie Mae Lathan, and extended family were born and raised in Canton, Mississippi. They were known from humble beginnings and worked as self-made contractors and farmers. My great-great Uncle, Willie “Little Boy” White, ran his contractor business for 50 years, contributing to the infrastructure in Canton, Mississippi. Their resiliency remains true within our family now.

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