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Miss California International®

Brooklyn Lowery - 1st Runner-Up

People's Choice Award

1.What is 1 beauty product you cannot live without?
To me, a good friend is someone who truly wants the best out of life for you; Someone who pushes you to be the best version of yourself, cheers you in your successes, and helps you through the tougher times. I always strive to be that friend to others and am extremely fortunate to know that I have a few of those friends in my own life!

2.If you had to do over anything what would it be?
As a go-getter who works as a Veterinary care professional, model, pageant director, and student I am often faced with stress. However, when I feel the stress piling up I remind myself that diamonds are not created without a little pressure!

3.Who would you love to meet and why?
Pageantry has given me many things but my sense of resiliency is by far the most valuable. As a local director and proponent of the Power of Pageantry I love to share with my girls the importance of resiliency and am often heard preaching the pageant saying, "You win or you learn!" Everyone experiences difficulties, setbacks and hardships in life but being able to dust yourself off and come back stronger is a remarkable skill!

4.Favorite vacation?
Dignity is one of the most important things to a person's sense of value. It comes from upholding self respect, values, and a personal sense of worth based on who you are in your heart. Through working closely with chronically homeless individuals, a population that is often treated with a lack of dignity, ,I have seen first hand the power of offering dignity, respect, and acknowledgment to others regardless of their situation.

5.What do you normally eat for breakfast?
I am very honored to come from a decorated military family including a WWII Purple Heart recipient, a Vietnam War Veteran, a Colonel in assistance to General Patton, one of the first female aviators in the military, and even my Dad who served in the Navy as an aviation machinist! We even have the secret sauce recipe for the VFW burgers!

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