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Katie Stapleton - Miss International 2022

People's Choice Award

1.What is 1 beauty product you cannot live without?
Surrounding yourself with powerful, enlightened people that can wear the many hats needed to support in this fallen world makes us best equipped to thrive. I am so grateful for the God given members of my team and love how we are consistently each other’s biggest fan. The most important factors of friendship are full support and reciprocity.

2.If you had to do over anything what would it be?
A clear stress management marker is when you see me engaged in the healthy activities that my body has shown me helps with the process: cleaning, running and writing. Redirecting negative emotions provides order in times of chaos, power over things that are in our control, and a safe space for healthy reflection. This simple practice is the key to maintaining strong mental health and protecting the heart from the negative effects of stress.

3.Who would you love to meet and why?
Taking a perspective outside of or above the issue is paramount to acting in a timely, educated, and powerful manner, removed from emotion. When a child is sick, the difficulty of being human could easily consume with anger, empathy and anxiety as in all life and death circumstances. How this management has transcended into all walks of life makes me a sharp, precise problem solver during times such as these.

4.Favorite vacation?
An air of peace and release precedes those that do not participate in the expectations or pressures of others, nor will they put them on themselves. By knowing yourself, focusing on the spirit of God and keeping core character values strong, one becomes royal in setting an example of rising above the trappings of the world to become an open and shining vessel of dignity for God.

5.What do you normally eat for breakfast?
Strategy in the development of puzzles is my family's best kept secret, and a lovely way to bring your family team closer through connection and creation. When assigned your own scene in the overall landscape, your task is personal but universally needed to have a role in the final tableu. Each experience is so beautifully parallel to the modern-day family structure, everyone contributing their God given piece of the puzzle.

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