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Young Women ®

Miss Maryland International®

Taylor Williams

People's Choice Award

1.What does it mean to you to be a good friend?
My definition of a good friend is someone who has a desire to be there for you through good times and bad. A good friend offers you the truth when you are wrong and offers you love when you fall short of showing love to yourself.

2.When can you tell you are under stress?
In times of stress, it can be difficult not to overthink or overreact. I have been learning to one, be patient with myself because there are things in life that I can not control, and two, extend myself the same grace and love that I offer others because it will be okay.

3.How do you handle difficult situations?
First, I pray. I remind myself that I have to trust God regardless of the situation. The next thing I do is evaluate my position in the situation. As a behavior analyst, I am constantly examining behavior in order to determine how I can make changes if necessary. Finally, I consult a family member and or a close friend. By consulting someone that loves you are more likely to be offered the truth or a helpful solution.

4.How do you describe dignity?
Dignity is the ability to set boundaries because you are aware of your worth and what you stand for.

5.What is something no one knows about your family?
My extended family owns a town in Anne Arundel County, Maryland called “Matthewstown.” My fathers great-grandfather, Nicholas Matthews, started the town in 1903. “Papa Nick” bought the 40-acre farmland for $20 to start a community. Matthewstown is where we hold our family reunions to celebrate our history as a family and black community.

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