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Miss Idaho International®

Alyssa Roach

People's Choice Award

There is an epidemic going on throughout the WORLD; Children are starving for love.

Throughout the world people are searching for love and substance. When they do not receive it through the people who truly care for them many will choose artificial methods. I was once one of these searching, young teens. After becoming involved with my church, however, I was introduced to other youth with whom I was able to share a bond with. As a group we traveled to Mexico and built homes for the homeless, but while we were there we did more than just construct a dwelling place for one Mexican family. We also demonstrated to the people in that community that there are individuals out there who are truly compassionate. By showing love I received it in return and that is when my life changed from selfishness to selflessness.


Mission: I plan on launching a love movement! A majority of the world’s troubled individuals fail to see the value in their own lives due to a lack of love, compassion, and attention. Feeling alone, many lose hope and, in time, their desire to succeed. I wish to show these individuals that by giving to other people they can regain their sense of importance. The smallest gesture (even opening a door for someone or picking up trash) can change the way our planet operates. I plan on promoting the idea that no person should be left unloved. By showing compassion to just one person, that one can show it to another and they can show it to another and another and before we know what’s happened, the lack of love in this world will no longer be an issue. Be prepared to endure the heat of this flame that has been ignited by this movement and watch as it engulfs the world.


Personal Statement:  My church often travels to India bringing children the love they need.  As a church we have started orphanages for the unwanted children. One such place is Home of Hope where they clothe, feed, teach, and love over two hundred seventy children. Inside this community is a center that has been specially designed to care for the hundreds of Indian youth who have contracted HIV. A majority of these children had parents who recently passed away from the deadly syndrome, AIDS. It is extremely important to bring not only food and clean water to these children, but also love and hope for many suffer from neglect.


This next year I plan on traveling to India with my church to provide these sickly orphans with the love and care they need; however, there are many other methods to help this great cause. People are able to help support these children in orphanages and churches by sending toys, clothes, and even money (no matter the amount).  Prayer is also a very effective tactic. If it weren’t for the love of God this mission would truly be impossible.


Commitment: I would like to visit schools in various communities, States and Countries to help form support groups for the young individuals that are searching for substance in their lives. By forming a safe bond between peers they can serve each other as well as others in their communities.  Together they can work on projects supporting children who suffer from neglect and starvation.  By helping others, these teens will be blessed with joy, hope, and a greater understanding of life.   I would be incredibly honored to have the opportunity to be crowned Miss International®.  I will work to make a difference in the lives of hungry, sick and dying children around the world.


No man stands as tall as when he kneels to help a CHILD


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