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Ba’Leigh Burns - 2nd Runner-Up

People's Choice Award

1.What is 1 beauty product you cannot live without?
For me being a good friend means always being there no matter what. It is being an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, and laughing so hard together that your stomach hurts. A true friend will fight alongside you when you are right, but also let you know when you are wrong, they help us grow in that way. Proverbs 17:17 captures friendship perfectly in that, “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.”

2.If you had to do over anything what would it be?
A tale tale sign that I am under stress is I start deep cleaning the house or hyper focusing on one thing. I use to not handle stress very well, however throughout my studying and career in mental health I’ve learned how to recognize my signs of stress and learn new ways to relieve it, such as: going to a yoga class, stopping to take a breath, or taking my puppies out for a walk.

3.Who would you love to meet and why?
When faced with a difficult situation I am a thinker, I will analyze a situation every which way, I think that is the researcher in me. I will think about every possible reaction and perspective of all others involved. If I still am struggling, I will reach out to my go to friend Alex, she is also an empath, we are always there to help each other talk through anything.

4.Favorite vacation?
Dignity is a sense of self-respect and self-worth. It is someone claiming their power, and is something no one can ever take away from you.

5.What do you normally eat for breakfast?
My parents both came from very humble beginnings, and built an incredibly successful business. The hard work and determination I grew up watching dad have, is something I try to emulate every day.

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