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The Accomplishments
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Young Women ®

Miss Georgia International®

Abigail Zerwig - Top Ten

People's Choice Award

1.What is 1 beauty product you cannot live without?
Always stay humble and kind. You never know what someone is going through or where they have been. A simple smile can go a long way!

2.If you had to do over anything what would it be?
I have two equal pet peeves. The first one is when someone is chewing obnoxiously loud. The second is when someone doesn’t follow through with something they agreed to without notice.

3.Who would you love to meet and why?
As an agriculture teacher, our industry is forever building our professionalism through workshops and classes on top of FFA and classroom time. It is imperative that I stay organized in order to be fully prepared for what the next day holds. I achieve organization by keeping a running calendar and planner that is made specifically for agriculture teachers to accommodate the many events that we attend.

4.Favorite vacation?
The outdoors is my happy place. I enjoy listening to the sounds of nature, whether that be in the woods scouting for animals to trap, in a deer stand hunting, in the middle of the ocean offshore fishing, or just simply sitting on the porch swing. My relaxation comes from being still in the moment of the nature that is around me.

5.What do you normally eat for breakfast?
As an agriculture teacher in her first year, I strive to continue my education and to obtain my doctorate. My dream job would be to start my very own successful middle school agriculture program, which I get to do beginning in July! My next goal would be to watch that program grow and fulfill its potential.