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Alexis Barlock - Top Ten

1.Words I live by are:
“Help others,” are the two words I live by daily. Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved helping others. At first, I wanted to be a police officer so I could help people in crisis. In middle school, I wanted to join the US Navy to fight for our country. Finally, when I got to college I decided I wanted to serve people by getting my law degree and pursue working in the FBI.

2.What are your pet peeves?
One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone is on their phone at the dinner table. When I was younger, my parents didn’t allow my sister and I to watch TV, or play on our phones when we were eating. As I have gotten older, I have grown to appreciate the small amounts of time my family rarely gets to spend eating dinner together.

3.How do you stay organized?
Organization has always been a skill that I have used throughout my life. As a former college athlete, I used a calendar and daily planner to keep up with my busy schedule. Lately, alongside the planner and calendar, I have been utilizing the clock app on my iPhone to set reminders for specific things that need done during the day.

4.How do you relax?
If given the opportunity, my favorite way of relaxation is laying on the beach. However, as I currently reside in the landlocked city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, my most common way of relaxation definitely is taking hikes in the Appalachian Mountains and attending yoga classes at a local studio.

5.What is your dream job and why?
As a political science major and criminal justice minor, my career goals don't just stop at law school. My dream job is to work in the FBI as a terrorism analyst. Having experienced terrorism first hand in London, UK when I was in the 9th grade, I knew I always wanted to make sure that no one ever had to experience the fear that I did.

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