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The Accomplishments
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Miss California International®

Hailey Kenyon

People's Choice Award

1.What is 1 beauty product you cannot live without?
One beauty product I could not live without is my brow pencil/gel combo from Tarte. No matter what look I’m going for from natural every day to full glam, a great brow pulls any look together!

2.If you had to do over anything what would it be?
I try my best to live without letting regret take over me. However, if I was able to go back and choose a different path out of high school, I would. I would not have played volleyball and I would have chosen a different major to study. I realized after lots of injuries and struggle that college volleyball and studying to be a dietician were not for me. Pursuing those things never really felt true to me, and I believe I could’ve spared myself some pain had I chosen a different path.

3.Who would you love to meet and why?
I would really love to meet my mom when she was around my age. I would love to know what she was like then, her hobbies and what her day to day life looked like. It would be fun to see if my mom and I would be friends if we both met around my age. Meeting her as a young adult would give me a lot of insight into my own childhood and my family.

4.Favorite vacation?
I have been to Hawaii twice and would go back in a heartbeat. I have been on Maui, Oahu and the Big Island. One time was with my family and the other with my college volleyball team. I loved paddle boarding in Maui with sea turtles, enjoying the yummy shaved ice and being on the beach. I would like to go to an Island I haven’t been too like Kuai!

5.What do you normally eat for breakfast?
Breakfast is my favorite meal and I love going to a good breakfast house for scrambled eggs, bacon and country potatoes. I’ve recently been taking my health more seriously, so what I’ve been eating for breakfast every day is a smoothie with spinach, wild blueberries, protein powder, and almond milk.