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Miss Maine International®

Sylvia Williamson

1.What does it mean to you to be a good friend?
What it means to be a modern woman to me is a woman who likes succeeding or who is working to succeed. They are working for what they want.

2.When can you tell you are under stress?
A girl becomes a woman when she is ready. It may be when she is young and she has to take care of stuff on her own or when they are older and ready to go into the world.

3.How do you handle difficult situations?
I handle disappointment by rethinking what happens and making sure to stay calm. Yes things might be disappointing but it is because maybe you weren't ready at the time or it just wasn't for you.

4.How do you describe dignity?
A picture-perfect moment in my life was when I was graduating high school. Yes it was during a pandemic, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

5.What is something no one knows about your family?
How I handle stress and pressure is by making sure I am breathing normally, so I don't hyperventilate. I think of the positive outcome of the situation and make sure I will be okay. Yes, sometimes the stress and pressure can be overwhelming to the point where I do cry, but crying sometimes helps relieve everything.

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